BuscaPé Merges with BondFaro

Explore this investment 05.29.06

Sao Paulo, Brazil — May 29, 2006 — BuscaPé.com, Inc. and BondFaro.com S.A. announced a merger that creates the largest online comparison shopping destination in Latin America and an integrated platform for Internet advertising. The combined company offers its consumers a superior user experience, with 40,000 listed merchants, more than 9 million categorized product offers, and a significant library of user-generated merchant and product reviews.

“This merger will help strengthen BuscaPé to meet the increasing competition of search sites, large regional portals and international portals. The combination of the two companies creates a more robust platform, and our users and clients will only benefit from this merger,” says Romero Rodrigues, CEO, BuscaPé. “The merger creates a Brazilian multinational with outstanding technology and the capacity to compete in the growing Latin American Internet advertising market. The users of each site will have more free services available to them, which will aid them in their purchasing decisions,” says Guilherme Pacheco, Executive Director, BondFaro.

BuscaPé will operate the two search, product-comparison and price-comparison sites independently and will aggregate and share content between them, offering a better user experience to the end consumer. The combined company offers comparison shopping websites in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Columbia and will maintain offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Mexico City.

About BuscaPé

BuscaPé.com, founded in 1999 in Sao Paulo, is the leading provider of online comparison shopping services in Brazil and recently launched operations in Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Columbia. BuscaPé allows over eight million unique visitors per month to search and compare products and prices for over seven million categorized products from more than 40,000 mechants. The Company is also the exclusive provider of shopping solutions to more than 40 portals and 1,000 network affiliates. For more information, visit www.buscape.com.

About BondFaro

BondFaro.com S.A., founded in 2000 in Rio de Janeiro, offers online comparison shopping services to Internet users in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile. BondFaro also licenses its proprietary price research technology to more than 40 companies. For more information, visit www.bondfaro.com.br.