Case Study: Vigo

Explore this investment 01.19.16

Fast Facts

  • Executive Partnering
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Sector Knowledge
  • Sourced Executive Talent

Although the money transfer sector was out of favor in the early 2000s, financial services entrepreneur Mario Trujillo had believed the business presented an attractive opportunity, and had begun the process of identifying acquisition targets. To enhance his credibility in these discussions, he needed a knowledgeable financial partner.

After meeting with a number of private equity firms, Mario selected Great Hill Partners.

Why did Mario choose us? He explained, “The team at Great Hill quickly and enthusiastically embraced my vision for acquiring and developing my target into a premier money transfer business. Based on my initial instincts, as well as reference calls, it seemed that they really understood how to balance providing valuable input and support without getting in the way of my ability to manage the business. They also figured out how to get my deal financed in a difficult debt market.

Together with Mario, we consummated the acquisition of Vigo Remittance Corp., with GHP engineering a debt facility with relationship lenders. We also introduced Mario to a number of candidates to help him round out senior management. Mario and his team went to work and re-energized the growth engine at Vigo, which resulted in value creation and ultimately, in the sale of the business to First Data Corporation for an excellent multiple.