Doug Butler

Doug Butler


Hi. As CEO of Reward Gateway I am charged with leading a talented team of professionals driving an innovative and high growth technology and service business focused on employee engagement. Having spent much of my 30 year plus career in operational and financial roles outside of the HR industry, my time at Reward Gateway has cemented my belief in and advocacy for the strategic value of communicating with, empowering, recognizing, rewarding and engaging your workforce.

The Reward Gateway team and I are passionately committed to our mission – Let’s Make the World a Better Place to Work – and our uniquely focused mission, culture and values have a hugely positive impact on our own staff, our clients, and customer employees.

Did you know…

If I were to pick a color to describe me, it’d be cobalt blue. I think of myself as cool, calm and reflective. There’s passion and energy under the surface, but you won’t see those fiery colors emanating from me too often. 

If I were stranded on a deserted island, I’d bring sunscreen, flint and a fishing pole, but I might trade that sunscreen for bourbon. 

I’ve been fortunate to take many trips in my life – some with my family come to mind first, but the two times my father dropped everything and put our family of seven in a station wagon to drive around the United States were the most influential. I’ve been to 48 out of 50 states.