Healthcare’s Must-Have Technologies


Mergers & Acquisitions
1 May 2019
by Danielle Fugazy

Dealmakers seek targets that leverage the latest in big data, artificial intelligence and electronic health records

Boston-based Great Hill Partners PE firm Great Hill got a small taste of the benefits markets and knew within months that it wanted to be entrenched in the sector. In 2014, Great Hill made a $51 million minority investment in Bswift, a SaaS provider for health insurance exchanges and employers nationwide. Within seven months Great Hill sold its stake in Bswift to Aetna for $400 million. “We owned the company for a short period of time, but it was long enough to know we liked the space and wanted to own more companies like Bswift,” says Christopher Busby, a partner with Great Hill. “Our investment in Bswift validated our thesis.”  Read full article