Chrome River Unveils Next Generation of Invoice Management Solutions

Explore this investment 11.14.17

LOS ANGELES – Chrome River, a global leader in invoice and expense management, has unveiled the latest version of its invoice automation tool, Chrome River INVOICE. Chrome River INVOICE now provides a fully-mobile solution which is fast, fluid, and enables approvers and administrators to manage the invoice process on any device, without the need for a dedicated app.

Chrome River INVOICE was built using HTML5 and responsive web design technology, which allows the solution to offer the same elegant look-and-feel and full range of functionality on any device through a standard web browser. Invoice approvers and accounts payable team members can now easily approve and track the progress of supplier invoices on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. This will enable organizations to speed up the approval and payment process even when the approver is away from the office, as well as make it easier for them to take advantages of supplier programs such as early payment discounts.

The solution also offers a comprehensive invoice management dashboard, which gives accounts payable teams an overview of all invoices from a single screen. This enables teams to easily visualize the progress of approvals, and its robust search capability allows users to easily track down any invoice by a wide range of attributes.

Chrome River INVOICE will now offer the same market-leading customer experience as Chrome River EXPENSE, all in one system.

“The accounts payable team has long been overlooked as far as high-quality productivity solutions go. Until now they have relied either on paper-intensive manual processes or complex and unintuitive software tools,” said Alan Rich, co-founder and CEO of Chrome River. “With Chrome River INVOICE, AP administrators now have access to the same caliber of solutions as their colleagues elsewhere in the enterprise, and approvers will love how it easy it is to view and approve invoices on any device.”

About Chrome River

Chrome River Technologies, Inc. lets business flow for some of the world’s largest and most respected global organizations. Our highly-configurable cloud-based expense reporting and supplier invoice automation solutions deliver an elegant and intuitive user interface, which offer the same high-quality experience on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our SaaS products provide a world-class business rules engine and technology infrastructure, combined with a completely agile solution that supports today’s changing business climate, and that the CFO, AP and travel managers, and business travelers will all love.

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