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Integrity, accountability, curiosity, and teamwork are core to our firm’s culture.
  • We apply the highest moral standards every day in everything we do
  • We are passionate, driven individuals working together towards shared goals
  • We deliver on our commitments to our business partners and to each other
  • We understand that humility, open-mindedness and enthusiasm are critical to success
  • We value individual initiative and reward achievement
  • We demonstrate a strong will to win in the marketplace

Environmental, Social, & Governance

ESG is a key aspect of our investment philosophy.

As an active investor, we look to instill best practices of transparency, corporate responsibility, and ethics throughout our portfolio companies, and encourage management teams to exhibit the same behavior. Our ESG policy demonstrates our commitment to adhering to the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

Building Diversity

Great ideas come from a varied set of backgrounds, beliefs, and life journeys.

We are committed to doing more to help cultivate an environment that advances Diversity and Inclusion in business, in society, and within our firm. We are stronger as a team when individuals are valued, empowered to action, and respected for their individual and team contributions. We understand that an inclusive culture is essential to enable us to attract, develop, and retain exceptional talent.

Enhancing Our Community

We are actively investing in and giving back to our community.

The GHP Foundation is a corporate philanthropy initiative that strives to encourage our employees to donate time and money to causes for which they are passionate. We have also established quarterly in-service days for all team members with the goal of engaging employees and demonstrating our commitment to giving back.

ESG Across Our Portfolio

Our companies are leading the way in affecting change.

We collaborate with our portfolio companies to advance our responsible investment principles in their operations, and we are extremely proud of the work they are doing to give back to the communities in which they live and work.