Intapp Top 5 Vendor in ILTA’s 2015 Technology Survey

Explore this investment 12.08.15

PALO ALTO, Calif., December 8, 2015 – Intapp, a global leader in legal software, has been recognized as a Top 5 technology vendor doing an “outstanding job,” according to ILTA’s 2015 Technology Survey. The result is based on responses from 420 organizations ranking vendors based on product quality, support and pricing.

The International Legal Technology Association report also ranks Intapp as the clear leader in several key categories including software for ethical walls, workflow automation and business intake, mobile time entry, and automated time capture, with significant product adoption among large- and mid-sized firms.

The survey recognizes Intapp as the No. 1 vendor in the following categories:

  • Ethical Walls. The 2015 ILTA survey notes that 81% of firms now report using software to manage ethical walls and internal confidentiality controls – a 16-point jump from last year. Intapp continues to lead in this category, serving 79% of firms with 150+ lawyers using commercial information security software.
  • Business Workflow Automation. Nearly 82% of firms with 150+ lawyers reported using technology to automate business workflows such as new business intake and new hires, 42% of whom use Intapp software.
  • Mobile Time Entry. The use of mobile devices continues to grow, with 41% of firms in ILTA’s 2015 Technology Survey reporting use of a mobile time entry solution. Intapp Time is the most widely adopted software among large- and mid-sized firms, used by 44% of firms with 150+ lawyers and 50% of firms with 350+ lawyers.
  • Automated Time Capture. In the 2015 survey, ILTA introduced a new question specific to time capture solutions, which provide lawyers with a consolidated report of activity performed throughout the day. Firms using time capture overwhelmingly use Intapp Time, with over 70% of firms with 150+ lawyers using Intapp.

“The 2015 ILTA Technology Survey identifies information security, risk management and workflow as top priorities among law firms – all areas in which Intapp excels,” said Dan Bressler, Vice President of Marketing, Intapp. “We’re particularly pleased to be recognized as a Top 5 software vendor to the legal community based on product quality and support.”