PlanSource Launches Summer Product Release

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The Copernicus software release features new tools for administration and documentation management, enhancements to the employee user experience and a redesigned and enriched reporting suite. 

Orlando, Fla. PlanSource announced today the launch of Copernicus, its summer product release. The release builds on the successful launch of a new mobile-friendly employee experience in the company’s previous product release, and includes multiple enhancements to usability and enriched capabilities for reporting and documentation management.

“The Copernicus release gives HR teams and our partners a wealth of new tools and ways to help them work more efficiently,” said Ryan Baldwin, Chief Technology Officer at PlanSource. “We’re always looking for ways to automate complex administrative processes for our customers, and that is a big part of what the Copernicus release is about. For example, the new documentation management feature solves a common problem of getting benefits documentation processed quickly and easily so that employees get the insurance coverage they need when they need it.”

New documentation management features solve common challenges
The new documentation tools included in the Copernicus release allow employees to upload required benefits documents directly from a mobile phone or other device, and stores documents in one place for easy access. In addition, HR teams can now request documents from employees or new hires that are not related to a specific benefit or plan, giving them greater flexibility in how they process documents. Other documentation enhancements include employee messaging capabilities that prompt employees to respond when documents are required; usability improvements that reduce confusion and organize documents associated with dependents; and an auto-approval feature that saves time and prevents potential delay in coverage.

In addition to easing the documentation burden, the Copernicus release contains multiple enhancements and other items to improve efficiency and usability, including:

  • Data Exchange (EDI) Dashboard – The PlanSource EDI Dashboard has been redesigned with a new, modern look that makes it even easier to keep clients and partners in the loop.
  • Reporting center usability and design – Enhancements to the reporting center include a favorites’ function, filtering and pagination mechanisms and improved date formatting.
  • New reports – Twenty-five additional reports have been updated to the new look and feel that was released in the March Andromeda release.

The highlight of PlanSource’s spring release, Andromeda, was a new mobile-friendly employee experience, which allows employees to shop for and enroll in benefits anywhere on any type of device. Copernicus has added further enhancements to the employee experience, including the ability to use a defined contribution model, plan riders and flat amounts for 401(k) contributions.

New Service: Total Compensation Statements
In addition to the product enhancements, PlanSource has launched a new total compensation statement service. The service, which is part of a range of professional services added by the recent acquisition of Next Generation Enrollment, gives employers a way to show employees the full extent of their compensation, including medical benefits, 401(k) matching, vacation time and other benefits.

More details about the Copernicus release can be found at PlanSource launches major software releases four times a year and conducts ongoing updates and minor enhancements as needed throughout the year. View the PlanSource product release schedule at

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