The Sweet Side Of Building A Luxury eCommerce Brand

Explore this investment 02.26.18

While most startups are a labor of love, love is rarely the starting point for a business venture. Couples go into business together all the time, of course; it’s just not usually something they decide to do on their first date.

But when Sugarfina Founders Rosie O’Neill and her now-husband Josh Resnick first stepped out on the town together to see a movie, they chose “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

Their date ended up being better than romantic — it was inspirational: The couple emerged from the theater wondering why candy couldn’t be as fun and immersive as it was in the movie. Both O’Neill and Resnick admitted to having a sweet tooth, but their affinity for candy wasn’t what drove them to found their firm in 2012. It was the realization that candy was mostly marketed to kids, but that adults also wanted sweets and a sweet experience all their own.